Polish for Foreigners

We welcome everybody who wants to learn Polish to our new courses:
Polish for Foreigners

    In our classes communicative method is applied. The aim of this method is to encourage the learner to use the language at the most and to be active during every class. New grammar structures and vocabulary are introduced naturally, with the use the examples drawn from everyday life and situational dialogues. The learners are being prepared to use Polish language on their own and in a creative way.

     During the classes all language skills are developed (speaking, reading, listening and writing).

    The course curriculum is adjusted to the interests and language level of the learners.

Start from 3th March 2021

•    Standard courses – they include 45 teaching lessons. Classes are run once a week and last 135 minutes. During a semester of learning the curriculum that is implemented corresponds to one semester of standard course (60 teaching lessons). After finishing the course and passing the final exam it is possible to continue learning on the next level.

Course price: from 750 PLN

NOTE: possibility to pay in installments!



Kursy intensywne (zajęcia 1 raz w tygodniu po 3 godz. lekcyjne) – 750 zł

  • wtorek: 18.00-20.15 ONLINE


Kursy intensywne (zajęcia 1 raz w tygodniu po 3 godz. lekcyjne) – 750 zł

  • poniedziałek: 18.00-20.15 ONLINE

More details in the secretariat:

phone: 504-187-954

e-mail: katowice@portoalegre.pl