Paulina Olivier

Paulina Olivier

Polish for Foreigners

I am a fourth-year Polish Philology and Philosophy student at the University of Warsaw. Being a teacher of Polish language not only do I try to teach my students how to communicate effectively in Polish, but also to introduce them to complexity and richness of polish culture: both the “high” one and the everyday.

I am interested in linguistics as a tool to understand how we learn languages and what are the most effective methods to become a competent user of a foreign language. For six months I was living and studying in Barcelona and I try to incorporate the experience I've gained there both as a person who was learning new languages, and the one living in a foreign-language environment to make my students feel more confident about communicating in Polish in everyday situations. Even though Polish is claimed to be one of the most difficult languages in the world, I hope that after not a very long time of studying you will be able to proudly say: “I speak Polish, what's your superpower?” 


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